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Past Projects

Swiss Lathe

B&J Medical was commissioned to complete the manufacturing of a lag screw sheath highlighted here, a project reflective of the critical medical components produced on a daily basis. This sheathing was composed of 17 - 4 stainless steel, precision machined utilizing state of the art equipment including a 5 axis CNC machine center and Swiss lathe. Expert milling and machining processes were carried out to meet the specific contours of the part, holding a tight tolerance of ±0.03 mm throughout. The part was also heat treated for corrosion and abrasion resistance, and a tin coating applied at the tip. The sheathing’s shaft was polished to a satin finish as required.


The unit was carried through a full quality control process, including dimensional, visual, and CMM inspections, as well as FAS and IIR methodologies. Production planning was coordinated with flow chart and control plan systems, and the unit was completely analyzed with FMEA techniques. All products met customer standards and the stringent requirements of the ISO 13485 code. Finished dimensions of the lag screw sheath were 250.60 mm in length and 14.77 mm in diameter. 55 units were manufactured within a 6 to 7 week turnaround time. 

Project Highlights

Product Description                                                                            Lag Screw Sheath

Swiss Machining Capabilities Applied / Processes                      Primary:

                                                                                                                Swiss Lathe Machining 

                                                                                                                CNC Milling
                                                                                                                Heat Treating
                                                                                                                Tin Coating

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part                                             Swiss Lathe, 5-Axis CNC Machining Center

Overall Part Dimensions                                                                     Length: 250.60 mm

                                                                                                                Diameter: 14.77 mm

Tightest Tolerances                                                                             +/- 0.03 mm

Material Used                                                                                        17-4 Stainless Steel

Material Finish                                                                                       Coated on Tip, Shaft Satin Finish


In Process Testing / Inspection Performed                                     CMM Inspection, Dimensional Inspection,                                                                                                                  Visual Inspection
                                                                                                                 Flow Chart, FMEA, Control Plan, FAS                                                                                                                            Inspection, IIR Inspection

Industry for Use                                                                                    Medical

Volume                                                                                                   55

Delivery / Turnaround Time                                                               6-7 weeks total completion


Standards Met                                                                                      Customer Specifications, 2D CAD                                                                                                                                 Drawing ISO 13485

Product Name                                                                                      Lag Screw Sheath

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