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Our team of dedicated manufacturing engineers and machinists produce the most cutting edge

technology. B&J's design for manufacturing and prototyping capabilities are supported with

Mastercam CAD/CAM software that is Unigraphics and Pro-E compatible.


B&J Medical, Inc. works with a wide variety of materials, including cobalt chromium, titanium, stainless

steel, super alloys, silicone, and engineered plastics.


B&J Medical, Inc. has a full complement of Wire EDM, Horizontal and Vertical CNC and Swiss Turning


Swiss Style CNC Lathes
20 SR-20J  Type C Swiss Lathe
3 SR-32J Swiss Lathe
1 SV-32 Swiss Lathe
3 SV-38R Swiss Lathe
1 M4-32 Swiss Lathe
1 M16 Swiss Lathe

Three ,Four and Five Axis CNC Mills
7 Haas DT1 5-Axis Mill

1 Haas VF2  4-Axis Mill
1 Haas VF2 5-Axis Mill
1 Makino V33 3-Axis Mill
2 DMU 50 5-Axis Mill
1 UMC 750 5-Axis Mill
3 Grob G350 5-Axis Mill
1 Hyunda Wia 3-Axis Mill
5 4X DTI 5-Axis Mill
1 Faniuc Robodrill T21ifa 4-Axis Mill
3 Willemin 408MT 5-Axis Mill
2 Star Cutter NXT 5-Axis Mill
2 YASDA PX30i 5-Axis Mill - 33 Pallet 

Chucker Style CNC Lathes
1 Okuma Genos L300-M-E 4-Axis Lathe

Submersible Wire and Sinker EDM'S
1 Makino EDAF2
2 Makino EDGE3
2 Makino LeBlond
1 Makino EDNC 43S
2 Sodick Ag 40L

Quality Assurance
2 Brown and Sharp Global Performance CMM with PC-DMIS Software

8 Optical Comparators
4 Keyence Vision Systems
Additional Capabilities
1 Unisig 12-750 Gun Drill

2 Beamer Fiber Laser Marking Systems
1 Fully Validated Laser, Micro Tig and Tig Welding
1 Kalamazoo CK 12AX Production Cut off Saw
1 Okamoto ACC 12-24DX Grind-X
Full Service Tool Room

Fully Validated Packaging and Labeling - Rollbag R3200/Rollbag R1275
Full Service Polishing Department
Full Service Finishing Operations including Electropolish, Citric and Nitric Passivation


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