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Past Projects

Swiss Machine

B&J Medical is a premiere contract manufacturer of high quality medical devices and instruments, specializing in high precision and tight tolerances. In the project profiled here, a low profile cannulated short thread screw, also called a bone screw, was manufactured utilizing a state of the art Swiss lathe and ram EDM equipment. Precision milling and turning processes were applied to 316 stainless steel in order to create the customer specified configuration, maintaining a tight tolerance of +0.001” / -0.000” throughout. This unit is intended to stabilize and aid in the fixation of fractures and fusions. The thread screw was treated with electropolishing and passivation processes for impurity removal and longevity, and left with a raw machined surface finish. Parts were thoroughly inspected for quality and accuracy using CMM, visual, and dimensional inspections.

The completed thread screw dimensions were 4.0 mm in diameter and 60 mm in length, with a head diameter of 0.216 mm, a minor thread diameter measuring 0.102 mm, and major thread diameter of 0.157 mm. 425 units were produced after a turnaround time of 5 to 6 weeks, packaged and shipped according to customer specifications. 

Project Highlights

Product Description                                                                            Bone Screw

Swiss Machining & EDM Capabilities Applied/Processess         Primary:

                                                                                                                Swiss Machining

                                                                                                                Sinker EDM

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part                                             Swiss Lathe, Ram EDM

Overall Part Dimensions                                                                     Length: 60 mm

                                                                                                                Head Diameter: 0.0216 mm
                                                                                                                Minor: 0.102 mm

                                                                                                                Major: 0.157mm

Tightest Tolerances                                                                             + 0.001" / -0.000"

Material Used                                                                                        316 Stainless Steel

Material Finish                                                                                       Raw / Machined

In Process Testing / Inspection Performed                                     CMM Inspection, Dimensional Inspection,                                                                                              Visual Inspection

Industry for Use                                                                                     Medical

Volume                                                                                                   425

Delivery / Turnaround Time                                                                5 - 6 weeks total completion


Standards Met                                                                                       Customer Specifications, 2D CAD                                                                                                                                 Drawing ISO 13485


Product Name                                                                                        4.0 x 60mm Low Profile Cannulated Short                                                                                                         Thread Screw

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