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About B&J Medical

B&J Medical is a contract medical device manufacturer, located in Kendallville, Indiana just minutes away

from Warsaw, Indiana, the “orthopedics capital of the world”.


We produce complex instruments, assemblies, and orthopedic implants, such as bone screws and bone

plates. Every step of the production process is planned to insure devices are correct and meet applicable



Founded in February 2010, B&J Medical, a division of B&J Enterprises, was created to serve the orthopedic

market. Our experienced team members in the orthopedic and medical industry are trained and equipped

with the latest technologies in high speed CNC machinery with multi-position tool changers, quality control

systems,computer systems and software to get your instruments and implants to market. Our engineers

utilizing the latest technology in Solid Modeling Software are equipped and capable of tackling the most

complex projects you have.


In addition to B&J Medical’s on site capabilities, its qualified supplier base includes companies that supply

medical metals, plastics, heat treating, finishing, coating, welding and other specialized services for the

medical device industry. The result is that you can have confidence that B&J Medical can manufacture your

most challenging medical devices to your specifications in an efficient and timely manner.


"We have a commitment to customer service."
  John Wicker
  President and CEO of B&J Medical

Scott Sizemore

VP of Operations

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